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What can we treat with Laser?

Safe. Effective. Minimal Downtime.

Laser treatment offers a wide range of solutions and enhancements to any health and beauty regime. Downtime is minimal, the procedure is comfortable and clients enjoy beautiful outcomes. Is there something about your skin that you wish you could remove or enhance? Laser treatment technology could be the right next step for you.





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Are laser treatments good for your skin?

Laser skin resurfacing is a proven way to help reduce wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes as well as tighten skin and balance tone.

​There are several factors that can impact the safety and effectiveness of your laser treatment. Which skin type you have, the season in which you receive treatment and which medications you are taking can all play a significant role in determining which treatment is best to help you meet your goals.

This is one of the key reasons why you should speak to the medical experts at Dear Me Cosmetic Clinic.

When did laser treatment for skincare start?

“The origins of laser technology go back to 1900, when Max Planck, a German theoretical physicist, discovered the relationship between energy and frequency of radiation and concluded that energy could be emitted or absorbed only in discrete chunks, named “quanta.1”

​American physicist Theodore Maiman was the first to develop a laser used for clinical application.1 In 1960, he introduced a laser. In 1963, American surgeon Leon Goldman, a pioneer in applying lasers to dermatologic conditions, reported on the effects of Maiman’s ruby laser in the selective photodestruction of pigmented skin elements such as black hair.

​Nowadays, lasers and light devices have the ability to resurface, rejuvenate and treat vascular lesions of all types, says Mark Nestor, M.D., Ph.D., director at the Center for Cosmetic Enhancement and Center for Clinical and Cosmetic Research in Aventura, Fla. They can also remove and modulate fat, reshape the body, remove unwanted hair and grow hair too.” 

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